{Special Report} MIT Researchers Discover A “Youth Gene” That Boosts Energy and Reverses Years of Aging
In Less Than 5 Minutes A Day You Can...
NATURALLY Activate Your “Youth Gene” To Look and Feel Decades Younger
Yes! 100% of Us Have the Ability to Look and Feel Younger Based on This Amazing Natural Research.
MIT Discovers The “Fountain Of Youth”
And They Have Known About it For Twenty Years
Top researchers at MIT have discovered what many doctors are considering the medical equivalent to the The Fountain of Youth.
And they been researching and honing it for over 20 years
What is it? They have identified the presence of a single gene (that we all possess) that has the ability to rapidly wipe years away from the human body.
100% of us have the ability to look and feel younger...we ALL have this gene, we just need the ability to activate it.
You are about to learn a simple and natural way to activate this incredible gene ON COMMAND - Receiving it’s full anti-aging effects for the rest of your life.
When activated, your skin becomes clearer, your brain focuses better and your body functions at its tip top best with incredible amounts of new found daily energy.
According to Dr. Oz, when you activate this SINGLE gene you have the ability to add over ten percent to your life expectancy, while making the years you have left - quality, active years.
This is the greatest age and human performance discovery ever made in the United States
Imagine Life As a Younger “You”...
Imagine being able to function again, without pain or feeling old. Imagine actually waking up with energy and vigor to take on the day and accomplish your tasks. 

Imagine looking in the mirror and Feeling Great About Yourself as you look years or decades younger than your friends.

When you learn this ONE simple trick, you can literally begin a new “youthful” life in the matter of days. Research says, as each day goes by your results will get better and better.
This page IS NOT made up of wild claims, but Anti Aging data backed up by 20 Years of Rigorous MIT Research
In fact, the research got so intense that MIT deployed an entire department to keep the research progressing (it is still going today).

However, here is the controversy....

This information is SO powerful, Big Pharma does not want you to see it. They have done everything they can to keep it under wraps for good. 
They have fought hard to suppress it, even going as far as attempting to censure medical trial data on Google.

Big Pharma has spent millions attempting to censor what you are about to read. The reason will be self explanatory in the next few minutes

They even tried to ruin one of the most powerful medical icons on television - Dr. Nesmith Oz, after a SINGLE appearance and discussion on a popular morning news show. 

He went on Good Morning America, touting this “Breakthrough MIT Aging Research” and within days he was hauled in front of Congress - answering to Big Brother for his claims. 

A Big Brother that is heavily funded by Big Pharma lobbyists. 

However, no matter how much they try to suppress…. The facts and data DO NOT lie. The information on this page is as close to the “Fountain of Youth” as medical science has ever gotten. 

The body of evidence has been building for 20 years, and now it is being made public. In fact, most of these trials are STILL going as of today, only becoming more and more validated. 

If any part of you wants to LOOK and FEEL younger, keep reading to learn the incredible anti aging secrets finally released in this letter.

It is as simple as learning how to ACTIVATE a SINGLE GENE that has the ability to quickly melt age off our bodies. 
What if ONE Simple Change Could Restore Your Youth?
Feeling old? We have all been there. Anyone who has turned 40 or beyond knows exactly what it feels like to wake up one day and see new wrinkles forming where your skin was previously tight or creaking in joints that used to be pain free. 

Day by day it seems to get worse and worse. 

Aging is slow progression that creeps up to you and when it finally rears its ugly face it makes your remaining years miserable. 
Past the pain, or sagging skin or deteriorating body functions you lose your most precious asset, time. 

Time enjoying life and time with your family because you are physically unable to participate based on your aging body and lack of energy.  

Even more frustrating is when you look around and see others your SAME age, seemingly years younger.  

What was their secret? 

Why were THEY beating father time when HE had a firm grip on you? 

In fact, a common answer is...

“Wow. They must have great genetics”
Why Do Some People Defy Time and Look YEARS Younger Than Their Age? 
The Secret is In Their Genetics, After Today You Can Unlock the Same Genetic Secret.

The information on this page will give you the power to activate your OWN great genetics. 

We all (100% of us) possess a “youth gene” that will keep us youthful and highly functional. 

However, only 1% of us truly know how to activate it.

This page will give you that crucial information. Best of all, it is not complicated. You can do it from home and it does not require meds or any elaborate procedures. 

Sitting there right now, what would you give to FINALLY and PERMANENTLY feel younger?  

What would you give to gain quality years back with your family? 

We have all worked too many long and hard years to only end up feeling like crap during our retirement. 

Today you are learning the KEY to taking control of your age progression and it is changing lives as you read this.

Do you want to feel up to 10 years younger? (Maybe even more) If so, keep reading to the very bottom of this page.
Imagine the CONFIDENCE of Looking and Feeling Younger Than Ever...
Let’s face it, none of us like looking older than your friends. 
How much confidence would you have if you could be the “one friend” who looked and felt a decade younger than your group?
I am willing to bet it would change your entire life. 

From the clothes you bought to the outings you take, feeling “youthful” will give you the energy to go out and do the things you love. 

Whether it is having MORE stamina on the golf course or getting envious looks once again as you enter a restaurant, we ALL want our youthful glory years back.

What if your glory years were still AHEAD of you? 
What if your OWN body could begin reversing the aging process, adding quality years back to your life. 

This entire letter is dedicated to showing YOU how to accomplish JUST THAT! I did it, and NOW you can as well. 

Today is the day you become the envy of your group because you will NOW KNOW a secret only discussed by top MIT scientists.

An “Anti Aging Secret” that is being called “The Real Fountain of Youth”. Best of all, it is not a fairy tale or some unaccredited potion. 

What you are reading about is a natural way to activate your “Youth Gene”, a gene that every single human has, but few know how to bring it to life.

This controversial breakthrough will be your KEY to looking and feeling like the youngest in the room for many years to come.

With all of that said, I have a question for you…

Would you like to look younger than all of your friends, garnering the attention? 

If the answer is YES, you are going to love the rest of this letter.
The ENTIRE Secret Revolves Around One Gene… Now Called the “Youth Gene”
Hi, I’m Clint Winters
 Health researcher, author and TV correspondent.
Everywhere I go, I am constantly asked about simple ways to LOOK and FEEL younger…
And for years my answers were the same bland answers you hear everywhere else…. Proper supplementation, skin regimen, diet and exercise.
Yes, these tips really work, but they NOT fun and excited.
And then I got a hold of research that changed my ENTIRE school of thought.
And not just “some” research, over 20 years of research from MIT nonetheless.
I can say this, NOTHING I have ever read compares to what you are about to learn on this page. 
What you are reading about is a safe, natural and simple method to UNLOCK your natural anti-aging gene, literally DE AGING your body.
THIS SECRET is why some around us seem to defy age and time… it all comes down to this gene.
I know we have ALL been there. We see someone our SAME age yet they look and act YEARS younger.
Maybe they have less wrinkles or more muscle tone. Or maybe they are active when most of us are sluggish and in constant pain.
Our first thought is normally “Well, they have must great genetics”.
Even athletes are TV are constantly referred to as “GENETIC MARVELS”. Well, what if you too could quickly become a GENETIC MARVEL.
What if we ALL had it in us, we just didn’t know it?
Based on Breaking research, a NEW Youthful Look is 100% Attainable by EVERY Single Person Reading this Letter Right Now.
There is not a SINGLE ONE OF US that are born without this special “anti-aging” gene.
So, what exactly is this “youth” gene?
After copious research, MIT discovered SIRT 1 and its direct ability to delay aging by restoring the capacity of the human vascular system (our blood vessels).
By activating this gene, the human body is able to effectively nourish its aging tissues, slowing the aging process by as much as 25%.
This results in YEARS of increased vigor and life expectancy.
In a nutshell… you will live MUCH longer while feeling amazing each and every year.
Now, here is the ONLY Negative.
Only 1% of the population is able to naturally activate this gene...
These people are what we would consider “Genetic Marvels”
This gene has been activated and working for them their entire life, protecting their skin, hair and nails and keeping them strong and healthy for what seems like decades.
They walk around as if they defy time.
However, ALL they are really doing is naturally activating a single gene that fights off “father time” each and every day.
Once you finish reading this page, you can ALSO activate this age fighting gene.
You too can be referred to as a genetic marvel as this SINGLE gene protects your youth each and every day.
This is YOUR KEY to unlocking the most youthful “You” that you have ever had the chance to experience.
So, I must ask you? Do you want to easily defy “Father Time”?
If so, keep reading about this AMAZING natural protocol that will unlock the most impressive “age diminishing” genetic discovery of our time.
Remember, this discovery is SO PROVOCATIVE it almost cost Dr. Oz his TV Show and career.
I really think you are going to enjoy the read!
          - Clint Winters
I Made ONE Change to LOOK and FEEL Two Decades Younger...
Before I get into my story I need to make sure that I am being very clear with you. 
I am not an anti-aging expert or superior natural health doctor.

I am simply an aging 63 year old man who became SICK of feeling old and run down.
Age Related Issues Were Ruining My Life...
I was also sick of bowing out of family events because I was constantly out of energy. I hated feeling like an old man.
I was simply feeling old and it was really beginning to negatively affect my life. 

And, I need to be honest… over the years, I was not OVERLY unhealthy, but I had spent many years with a diet that wasn’t always the best and missing the gym more than I would like.

However, I cared and I tried to be as healthy as possible. I thought I was doing more than most, but none of it seemed to matter. 
I had worked nearly 40 years as a steelworker and my body was feeling the consequences of that many years of heavy labor.
I stayed away from fast food when I could, worked out for years when I could get to the gym, drank moderately and tried my best to take care of my skin.
I did all of this to try and keep my youth, although I am sure I could have done better.
Past that, I am a man, but secretly, I am vain. 
This is tough to admit and I would never tell my friends this, but honestly, I want to look the best that I can. I never wanted to look old, I don’t think anyone really does. 
My look DOES matter to me, even though I am in my sixties.
I look back at old photos and my full set of hair has been replaced by thinning patches.
My muscles aren’t quite what they used to be and my face has wrinkles that USED to be perfectly smooth skin.
Now, I am older, but I see men that are the SAME age as me and they look a decade younger.
Now I know commercials on TV always focus on women and wrinkle fighting…
But, men ALSO want good looking skin, we just have a tough time admitting it.
So, YES, I admit it, I want to look younger and I want my wife to once again look at me with the desire she did decades ago.
Most importantly, I want my youthful energy back to enjoy the later years of my newly retired life. 
Now.. my “WANTS” and “REALITY” are usually very separated.
I honestly thought this “WANT” was a pipe dream... 

I mean, aging can’t really be reversed, right?
My age was my age and my life was my life. There was NO going back.
However, ONE thing continued to bother me and I would be reminded daily. 
Some are my friends and SOME are men AND women that I would see on TV or social media.
They walk around as if they were defying time.
It always baffled me as to how they have kept their youth and MINE has slipped away so quickly and easily.
What was their secret AND what was I doing wrong?
Were they REALLY that much healthier than me? Had they really spent all of these years eating 
Had my life style (albeit not that bad) really ruined me for life and any further chance to feel decades younger?
There is NOTHING worse than feeling like life has passed you by and your best years are behind you.
Well, that is EXACTLY how I felt but the WORST was yet to come.
I never knew how much my age was going to AFFECT my life before a fateful summer day.
I Was No Longer Able to Enjoy The Things I Love Most In Life...
And all of the things I had planned for my retirement
What I am about to share is deeply personal, but it led to the greatest change of my life.
Aging was more than superficial ads on TV, or trying to look younger to impress your friends and spouse.
No, aging can have a REAL and LASTING effects on day to day activities.
The effects of “Aging” do not happen overnight.. it’s a slow tedious progression.
  •  A little weight gain here
  •  Weaker muscles there
  •  Less overall endurance and performance
Yes, I started to notice these things, but I brushed them off as “normal” wear and tear.
I never knew they would get to a point of no return
You see, here is where I was wrong…
I thought human performance was only important if you were an athlete or part of one of these gym competitions.
No, it begins to affect your ability to go on walks, have picnics or even play a simple game of golf.
All of the sudden that mountain trip seems like too much hassle and a day hiking with your wife is WAY out of the question..
Chip by Chip, possible daily activities are stripped away until you are left with nothing but sitting around the house.
I was not looking forward to sitting around the house during ALL of my golden years.
I wanted more, I was planning more and I felt like I had EARNED more with a lifetime of hard work.
Now, I was here… I was ready…. And my body was breaking down like a worn-out car
But, that Wasn’t Rock Bottom.. This Way
So, I have had a group of friends my entire life… we all went to high school together and some of us even college.
Unlike most folks, we stayed in touch and we have done so by our yearly golf outing.
Every January we decide on a popular golf location and by that summer we are together trying to get as many rounds in as possible.
At a minimum we play 36 holes a day...for three days straight.
Yes, it is tiring, but it is tradition and we all love it.
I will admit, as I have gotten older, those trips are more and more tiring, but nothing that was ever a problem.
Until two years ago…
The entire start of that year had been rough for me. I had gone to the doctor more than ever and NOW I was on a series of meds.
However, I didn’t have a chronic illness, it’s just like my body was slowly needing maintenance as I aged.
There was not any easy answers on how I could feel better or more energetic.
Visually, my body was aging, and I was waking up daily WITHOUT any energy.
I really thought this was just a bad phase, or I was simply in a rut…
I did not know at that time my body was actually breaking down each 
and every day.
But I had to put all of that behind me, my flight had landed, and it was time to play some golf.
I knew from the first hole something was different, it was like I was already tired.
The sun was getting to me more than ever and I was drawn to the shade of the cart.
The hills seemed steeper and I was having to catch my breath as I walked to my ball.

Worst of all, my legs muscles felt fatigued like I was in the middle of a workout, yet I was just playing golf.
And here is where I am going to admit something I have never shared…
I hated every moment of that round of golf… being exhausted was not fun and it sucked all of the joy, right out of the experience.
And then I did something I hadn’t done my entire life… I quit
I finished the 18th hole and I packed my clubs up simply rode with my buddies the rest of the time.
Worse yet, I did not play again the entire weekend… frankly, I was too sore from that single round of golf.
Sure, I loved seeing my friends, but I became a symbol… we were all getting old
And I seemed to be aging faster than anyone else.
I will be honest, after that weekend I was battling depression. I honestly felt like my active life was over.
But I was just over 60 years old…I wasn’t 100… This is not fair
It was not fair to work my butt off, retire and then not be able to enjoy the VARY activities I now, finally had time to do.
This would limit my ability to enjoy life with dear friends, family and those who mattered most.
If all that is gone, what is there left to enjoy?
Why had I worked so hard my whole life?
At this very moment, it was final, I could not live like this.
I needed to find a way to restore my body and get back to the things that I loved doing.
My First Step, I FINALLY Broke Down and Saw My Doctor...
Now, to be perfectly honest. I don’t agree with doctors most of the time. I MUCH prefer natural alternatives and I hate taking pharmaceuticals. 

I have avoided them at all costs, my entire life. 
I feel like they are run like mini cartels that are legal. Plus, they STAY legal by funding big government no matter what their drugs do to people. 
Their job is to get you hooked on meds and leave you on them for life.
Now, with all of that said. When things are bad, my doctor is always where I turn FIRST ironically, and I am not afraid to admit that.
In fact, this is the case for Most Americans. When Health Issues Turn Serious we Tend to Turn to Our Physician’s, Even if it goes Against the Grain of What we Really Believe. If a Drug Could Make me Younger, I Would have Taken it in that Moment.
But, with all of that known, I was DESPERATE and I was not sure what I needed to do or where I needed to start.
I may not agree with them, but I needed to know if I had some MAJOR health issue that I could not combat alone.

When you research losing daily energy all of these terrible diseases pop up as possibilities. I was really beginning to scare myself.
So, I went for a major physical.

I mean I had a full body exam done. Machines, scanners, blood work, everything. It took hours but it tested EVERY single facet of my body.

And then I waited patiently for my results
The results were GREAT and TERRIBLE all at the same time.
They were GREAT because they did not find anything significantly wrong with me. In fact, my doctor said that I was at the appropriate health level for a “man of my age”.
However, this was TERRIBLE NEWS because it meant that I was simply getting old and the doctor did not have any answers or any special remedies. 
And from what I knew then, OLD AGE was not beatable, it was a FINITE reality.

When I asked him for ANY insight at all, he honestly had nothing for me. The only generic information he gave me was “diet and exercise” which I had already implemented. 

The only anti aging options he gave me were at clinics that specialized in male hormone therapy like testosterone and growth hormone.

Even if I wanted to TRY these things, they were WELL over $1,000 per month or more with thousands up front for a consultation.
These pharmaceutical "Anti Aging" regimens were “rich man” options and I was certainly not a rich man. 
I was living my fixed income, retirement. I was comfortable, but I was not rich by any means.

So, I simply left with NO NEWS, which was BAD NEWS in my opinion. Essentially, there was nothing I could do other than make the best of my age and try to enjoy the years I had left.

This advice WOULD not give my time back with my friends or ANY assurances that things would not simply get worse and worse.

With all of that said, I went out on my own searching through the SEA of Natural anti aging supplements…
Natural Anti Aging Remedies Did NOT Work For Me...
It feels like “anti aging” is literally everywhere. From TV advertisements to entire store displays, it feels like there are many types of ways to fight aging.

Once I started looking I ran into a number of “miracle skin lotions” to creams that tighten skin and make aging skin glow.

All of this was topically nice, but I needed something that aged me from the inside out. Yes, I wanted to look younger, but I NEEDED to feel younger. 

I needed to be active again so I could enjoy my remaining years with my growing family. I NEEDED to NEVER feel left out again because my body was physically unable to keep up.

After much research and talking to store reps I ended up with two quality solutions.
1. One was extremely potent antioxidants and the

2. OTHER surrounded ways to stimulate human growth hormone production - also dubbed the “fountain of youth”.
Now, many celebrities physically took synthetic human growth hormone, but that was WAY out of my price range. 

After hours or research, conversation and tire kicking I finally bought what I thought was the best of the best for my budget.

I brought the bottles home and immediately started supplementing. 
I have to admit, I was really excited. After reading all of the marketing, I was FOR SURE this was going to change my life.

I waited 1 day, then a week, then a month. 

Honestly, I think I felt a little better, but NOT great and certainly not great enough to tell the difference I was looking for.

From that point I started messing with dosages and brands, all of which amounted to zero change. 
I just did not understand where ALL of these other documented results came from. After nearly three months of testing and tinkering I finally discontinued use. They just didn’t work for me.
Worst of all, these were the MOST PROVEN natural methods. Everything else out there was gimmicky with zero clinical science.

I was simply NOT going to waste my time or any more money.

Maybe “aging” was my reality. 

Maybe that was my genetics….

I hate to admit this, but this failure took the wind from my sails. I was certain I was going to find a hidden nutrient that would change my life.

All I found was disappointment and a bank account that was MUCH lighter.

With that said, I saw people DAILY that defied time, what was THEIR secret and why was I so UNLUCKY?
I Was AGING SO MUCH Faster Than Everyone Around Me...
I was SO sick of feeling like the oldest out of my friends. 

I’m not sure if it was my overall frustration, but I started to notice that EVERYONE around me seemed younger and more active than me?

Have you ever felt that way?
What was their secret? Was it genetics? Why did they seem to hold up when my body was breaking down?
Sure, I was probably overly sensitive because I was trying SO hard to LOOK and FEEL younger once again, but I would be untruthful if I didn’t admit that I was jealous.

I could not figure out their secret...

Overall, I had not lived any harder than they had, in fact, many of my friends drank more than me and ate terribly for a HUGE portion of their lives.

Yet, their skin had fewer wrinkles and they seemed to be more active than ever. 
At that moment, I will admit it, I was very down and frustrated. 

However, I was about to learn that genetics DOES play a part. Some of our bodies fight age, while others do not.

There is nothing worse than feeling like you are destined for failure and HONESTLY, that is exactly how I felt.

I had NO idea I was about to learn the medical key to UNLOCKING my “youthful” potential. 
Pre-Mature Aging Is SHARPLY on the Rise in the United States
The Premature Aging Epidemic needs to be URGENTLY addressed

Even with over 200 billion dollars a year being spent on “anti aging” wonder drugs and procedures, premature aging is DRASTICALLY INCREASING across the nation.

The first point many researchers make is the vast amount of “anti aging” treatments are engaged by the top ten percent income earners due to incredible expense.

These means 90% of us are sitting ducks for age related body decline and early disease onset 

Past that, seemingly affordable store-bought solutions are NOT having any positive effect on the rapid onset of age and disease.

As more and more Americans are being exposed to food with pesticides and GMO’s, air pollution and constant EMF radiation saturation… their bodies are aging at rapid levels never been reported in our history.

The concern is broadening as Americans that age faster will have MUCH GREATER health problems sooner in life, than any other generation.
MIT Has Had The "Answer To Aging" for Over 20 Years...
And They Are Just Now Revealing All of Their Research
I am going to be honest, I was not sure where to turn next. I honestly felt like I was out of options and everything that got my hopes up, crashed right before my eyes.

The standard “diet and exercise” trick made me feel a little better, but the results weren’t as noticeable as I needed them to be. 

Most importantly, I did NOT feel like I had a ton more energy. Past that, you know my experiences with natural supplements that didn’t work and THEN there are the anti aging drugs…
First of all they scared me a bit, second of all I couldn’t afford them if I wanted them. They are priced well over $1,000 per month.

I don’t know a single person that could afford that on a fixed income

Anti aging drugs were the regimen of the rich and I was not rich. After all of this, I was pretty down and my family could tell I was struggling. 

I felt like I had worked my WHOLE life, made sacrifices, to finally have uninterrupted family time and now that is all ruined because I am having to say NO to so many events.

Was this my new reality? Is this the normal reality for people 60 and above?

And then ONE day the answer basically slapped me in the face. It was the well respected Dr. Oz and he was on Good Morning America sharing health tips.

However, today he was very excited and talking about an “MIT discovery” that was adding years back to human expectancy. 

In fact, at one point he said initial indications were up to 30 years extra all by activating a gene, researchers were now calling the “Youth Gene”.

That was all I needed to hear, I feverishly took down the data and went online to find the full story. 

I had taken college level biology classes so I knew that most robust clinical trials were posted on public medical forums.

If the trial had concluded, I could find the data.

After a bit of research, I dove into a site called Pubmed, which is the world’s largest directory of ongoing board certified clinical trials. 

After viewing copious entries, I FINALLY found the referenced study and over twenty years worth of related studies on the SAME GENE.
This Clinical Data was from None Other Than MIT, one of the Leading Universities in the World.
The research discussed a groundbreaking way for humans to activate their “youth gene” which had immediate and life changing effects on initial clinical trial participants. 

This is the article that changed my life and may very well change yours. 

In the initial clinical trial summary (Completed in 1990) discussed how Dr. Leonard Guarente (of MIT) discovered a sirtuins a class of proteins found in all mammals that worked to protect against the effects of aging by rebuilding the vascular transport system (our blood nutrients).  

The “Youth Gene” is scientifically referred to as your “SIRT 1” gene. 

However, early analysis DID NOT discover a way to activate this gene THUS no way to induce anti aging effects.

That all changed in 2012 when the Department of Biochemistry identified a rare and powerful polyphenol that directly activated the youth activating SIRT 1 gene. 

This launched into several more follow up studies. 

In test after test, they were able to activate Sirt1 in animals immediately boosting their ability to hold off aging and expand lifespans.

Building upon this research MIT began testing Sirt1 activation to gauge its effects on the soft tissues that make up the body.
Upon initial analysis, activated SIRT 1 promotes the regeneration of blood vessels and muscle, boosting the endurance of elderly tissues by as much as 80%
This means that anyone who is aging could function 80% better with this gene fully activated.

In fact, as we age, losing vessel capacity and tissue is the main reason we become frail and sick. 

“We are excited about the continued results, it is crucial to be able to rescue muscle mass in an aging population by this kind of simple gene intervention,” says Leonard Guarente, the Novartis Professor of Biology at MIT and one of the senior authors of the study. 

“There’s a lot of crosstalk between muscle and bone, so losing muscle mass ultimately can lead to loss of bone, osteoporosis, and frailty, which is a major problem in aging.”

Here was a KEY fact for me...

When your internal tissues “age” and breakdown your body has to work hard, expending MORE energy. 

When these tissues are restored, more energy can be used to power daily functions which means MORE ENERGY.

In follow up studies, MIT researchers tested the tissue health of subjects in their forties and then seventies and older.

They found that after two months of gene activation the forty year old subjects had the tissue and capillary density typically seen in adults in their twenties.
Beneficial effects were seen in patients well into their 80s.

“In normal aging, the number of blood vessels goes down, so you lose the capacity to deliver nutrients and oxygen to tissues like your muscle brain and heart, and that contributes to decline,” Guarente says. 

“The effect of this polyphenol is to counteract the decline that occurs with normal aging, by re activating SIRT1, and to restore function in endothelial cells to give rise to more blood vessels.”
What does ALL of this mean to the average aging human?

Overall, we are all made up of water, and tissues. Our tissues are powered and kept healthy by our blood and the nutrients that flow in our blood. 

As we age, our tissues and blood vessels begin to breakdown and atrophy, making all of our systems work harder, which eventually leads to a system failure. 

Not only are we weaker, but all of our vital systems become “At Risk” of failure. Not to mention our body has to give more effort “energy” to keep our functions going.

When this happens we are left tired all day as our body struggles to power our core functions.

Imagine a battery with lost capacity, it is fully charged and then it dies. This is exactly what happens to our body and is the SOLE reason we need naps all day long as we get older.

What you are reading about is why we age, why we lose energy and muscle. It is also why we start to wrinkle and lose our “youthful” appearance. 

Our body simply cannot protect our vital functions and keep our body in working order.

However, based on MIT research, all of that changes with the activation of SIRT1. 
  •  When SIRT1 is activated your circulation increases and your tissues and muscles are sparked back to life.
And the improvement is not just a small amount, according the research, those in their 50s, 60s and 70s can function once again, like they are in their 20s and 30s. 

I read every word of this clinical trial, maybe more than once honestly. 

But here is the part that REALLY REALLY excited me. There was an ongoing clinical trial that was testing SIRT1 activation by a natural and rare polyphenol.  

To date, it was the ONLY natural extract in the world to naturally and effectively activate the “youth gene” SIRT1. 

I was excited, but I was trying to contain my excitement. I had read amazing research before that never equated to any results.

However, I had to admit. Nothing I had researched seemed as promising as this. 
SIRT 1 is THE ANSWER to the “French Age” Conundrum
Have you ever wondered why the French tend to look YEARS younger than their international counterparts?

The entire population seems to defy age.

For years, medical Scientists have struggled with this simple question. 

 Why does the French population AGE SO MUCH SLOWER than the rest of the world?  

This question was formally named the “The French Age Conundrum”. However, this question FINALLY received an answer in the 1990’s when MIT first discovered the “youth gene” SIRT 1. 

As more and more research completed, parallels were drawn between potential SIRT 1 benefits and the benefits the French population has already experienced. 

And then one SIMPLE link answered every known question.

Scientists identified resveratrol (a Polyphenol found in French grapes) as a potent SIRT 1 activator. Since the French population consumes copious amounts of French wine, they were stimulating their Youth Gene without even knowing it. 

This was the SOLE REASON they looked years younger than those the same age in the United States. 

Now the science of SIRT 1 activation has FAR Surpassed Grape Based Resveratrol, but this gives you a great “real world” example of how powerful “Youth Gene” activation can be on a population. 
My Wife and I Joined An EXCLUSIVE "Youth Gene" Clinical Trial 
In Fact, It Was The First of Its Kind in the United States
This clinical trial was the first time I was exposed to the research team of Pharm Origins. 

They had me fill out my initial application which was several pages long. They needed to know my age, life history and any existing medical conditions.

A key aspect of a clinical trial is assuring all participants are on an equal “health” playing field. 
Before they accepted me I had to take a physical and have my results transmitted directly to their research offices.

After about a week, I was approved. 

Even more exciting, so was my wife. I hadn’t mentioned this before but as I was telling her about the MIT research, she began to perk up. 

It seemed as if what I was explaining REALLY made sense to her. Now, I had been the one actively trying to find new vitality, but I KNEW she wanted to look and feel younger as well.

Honestly, who wouldn’t want to look and feel decades younger, right? Also, who wouldn’t want to add healthy years back to their life if they could do it safely?

No matter what people tell you, EVERYONE wants to look and feel younger, it is human nature.

We had been approved for the Southeast sector test, which was headquartered in Atlanta, GA. After a few short days we got our introduction letter and clinical trial instructions.

The overview was intense, but here are the broad strokes

Pharm Origins held a methods patent on a proprietary extraction method called “ethyl extraction”. 
This extraction method allowed them to purely pull active ingredients from any raw material at the rate of 99% purity. 

This method tested about 50% more effective than any other extraction method which meant the net active ingredient was incredibly strong.

They had worked hand in hand with MIT to determine the most powerful “SIRT 1” activating polyphenol. 
After months of research they found an active “super” ingredient called Tran - Resveratrol which was a cousin to grape based antioxidant Resveratrol, yet it absorbed in the human body TWICE as efficiently making it a very powerful SIRT 1 activator.

There was only ONE known source of Trans Resveratrol and it was the Japanese Fallopia Japonica.
The clinical trial was to test the effectiveness of using Trans Resveratrol to naturally activating the “youth gene” SIRT 1. 
They were also reviewing the anti aging effects AFTER activation.

Based on science, when SIRT 1 is fully activated, the anti aging effects are simply profound. 

The goal of Pharm Origins was to PROVE a natural youth gene activator that was SAFE, AFFORDABLE and every bit as powerful as any Anti Aging pharmaceutical on the market. 

With all of that said, our part in this was 100% PAINLESS

All we had to do was consume this extracted liquid on a daily basis for three months. It only took us seconds each day to do so. 

We would place it under our tongue and have it absorb directly into our bloodstream through our mucus membranes. 

It almost seemed TOO simple. 

Once a week a local doctor would put us through a quick evaluation and transmit the data directly to the clinical trial team.

All of this, every word, was very exciting. The science simply made sense and it was backed by some of the best minds in the world after twenty solid years of research.  

Since my wife and I had our baseline physical recorded, we had an incredible “starting point” to gauge future results.

So with all of that said, Week 1 finally arrived and my wife and I woke up bright and early on a Monday morning to take our first dose.

We put the liquid under our tongue…. And let nature take its course.

We had NO idea what to expect next...
My Doctor Was Simply Blown Away By My INTIAL Results...
I really need to reiterate, when I started all of this I was cautiously optimistic. So was my wife. I had tried so many things that did not work and how could all of this be true?

It was hard to believe even with the mounting years of data  

How could we possess a gene that would “de-age” us from the inside out. The more I thought about it, the more I realized it sounded like science fiction.  
Plus, why haven't we heard a peep about it other than that ONE Dr. Oz segment? 

I would learn the secret to that later

However, I reminded myself that the researchers weren’t hacks, they are some of the leading medical minds in the world. 

The same minds that figured out that single cells could rebuild entire damaged spinal cords and brain cells.
After my mental tug of war, I relaxed and took my first dose. Now, it may have been placebo but I really felt a boost within minutes after, we both did.
And as the days went I realized... “Oh my God, this was actually working”
Now, this was not an overnight thing… but i literally felt a little better each and every day. So did my wife, she was in more disbelief than me honestly. 

She started noticed things like her hair and nails growing faster than ever and her skin seemed to glow.

I was more focused on my energy levels and MAN I could tell a difference. 
I was able to wake up without being too groggy and I did not get a 4 PM crash like I had gotten in months past. 

Overall, I no longer felt cloudy. I felt, well, younger.

I felt much like I had when I was a younger man going to work daily. I was tired at the end of the day but I always had all of the energy I needed to get through the work day. 

It had been a long time since I felt that good and productive. This feeling made my life different.

However, none of these feeling prepared me for my weekly Doctor “Check In’s”. Those appointments are what have me convinced Sirt 1 is an anti aging miracle.

It all started at the end of week 1

The first test our Doctor would perform was an analysis to determine our Sirtuin levels. Before the test they were next to nothing, which did not surprise me.

Even after 7 short days, we saw a HUGE boost and it shocked our doctor.  

He confided in us later that he had his doubts. He had followed the MIT research and he didn’t think there was a snowball's chance that Sirt 1 could be activated by a natural substance.

He was wrong… very wrong
When he tested us after 7 days we had the Sirtuin levels of a 40 year old couple. This means we made 20 years of progress in one short week.
It gets better, as each week progressed, the results got better and better. Not only did our sirtuin levels spike, but our vitals kept improving.

Everything seemed to getting better, our heart beats, blood pressure even overall tissue and muscle health.

In fact, he was so intrigued, he started giving us extra tests for his own education. 

He did extra blood work just for research purposes. After his thorough analysis he simply stated.

“It is like ALL facets of your body is getting younger and younger, week by week”. “You seem to be regenerating from the inside out”.
After month one our sirtuin levels leveled out at the production rate of a twenty two year old. 
They stayed constant for the remainder of the trial.

Small health issues we had faced over the years, seemed to evaporate. We felt so good, we even started living healthier as well. 

But here is the most important part, from the first day of my clinical supplementation I did NOT miss a single family event.
I didn’t need to, I felt like I could accomplish anything. In many ways I now had more energy than the rest of my family. 

Picnics, hikes, it didn’t matter. I used to get tired watching a youth sporting event, now I handle the crowds at an NFL game without being fatigued.

This simple solution answered my prayers.

I do not need to be the smartest or the best looking or even the richest. I simply wanted a body that could handle time with my family without fatiguing. 

I no longer wanted to miss family events due to “feeling old and run down”.

Let’s face it, none of us know how much time we have left. I want to make the most out of every minute I have.

This incredible breakthrough is allowing me to do that.

I finally learned that others do NOT have better genetics. We ALL have the same “youth genes” they just need to be activated.

Now, my results were incredible…. But my wife simply blew me away.
Every Inch of My Wife Looked Like a YOUNGER Woman...
Now, I know that most of this letter has been about me and my need to look and feel younger.  

As you now know, it is not vanity. This has been about my need to feel youthful, active and energetic. 

I simply wanted to enjoy my family as I age. 
With that said, I am human, of course I want to look great (who doesn’t). However, that was not my sole, driving factor to get control of my premature aging.  

My wife has been my rock, by my side, during this entire investigative process. She was there for all of the highs and the lows and she always supported my quest to feel the best that I could.

This is why I was so happy when she decided to partake in the trial with me, this was a conquest we could take on together.

Also, I know my wife and I know how tough she is on herself. 

My wife is a gorgeous woman who has aged gorgeously, yet she still has aged. 

She has confided in me that she constantly compares herself to her friends and other women, older and younger. 

Questions constantly flood her mind...
  •  How is their skin compared to mine
  •  Are they in better shape
  •  How do they keep their hair and skin so nice
  •  What do they use to tighten their skin
Honestly, I could not imagine being a woman and constantly feeling compared to OTHER women. It must be isolating and downright frustrating at times.

Worst of all, I know how tough she is on herself. I know she questions her diet choices over the years (albeit better than mine) and her choice of beauty products. 

She has wondering if she stayed in the sun too much or lacked enough green veggies in her diet.
Let’s face it, every single human on earth can question parts of our past. It isn’t necessarily healthy but it is the reality.

ALL OF THIS is why I was so excited to see the excitement on her face when she first heard about this incredible natural technology.

The more I told her, the more interested she became and I could tell she wanted to get started with me.

However, I had NO IDEA how she was going to be affected.

All I can say is WOW!! Her outward change was totally incredible. She obtained results that I had NO IDEA were possible.

Yes, of course she had the benefits I had as far as increased energy and well being, but her “youth gene” activation seemed to dominate her appearance.
She Was Getting Younger From the Inside.. Out...
I mean it was literally improving everything. I noticed within a week that her hair looked fuller than ever and it was physically growing faster than ever.
  •  Her nails grew out like they had not grown out in years.
  •  And her skin…. I had not seen her skin glow like that since she was pregnant, decades ago. As it got clearer and brighter, wrinkles seemed to dull and fade… revealing a more youthful and brighter face.
I was like watching age, melt and fade off the woman I love.

And her smile was beaming, daily. I could see confidence build back into every step she took. She felt fantastic about herself.

As each day went by, she found something else that was improving. Old stretch marks healing, belly skin tightening, crows feet disappearing.

And as more time went on she even noticed cellulite lightening and then something REALLY dramatic happened.

These new found results drove an EVEN healthier lifestyle and a need to see further progress.

So, as a couple, we began eating really really carefully. We even dedicated ourselves to a workout program we could complete ourselves.

It 100% warmed my heart that my wife was feeling the best she had in years. I loved seeing here confidently look in the mirror knowing how great she looked.

I loved seeing her somewhat jealous friends try to figure out what she was doing and why she looked SO much different, so suddenly.

This all started with a singular, simple goal…. I never expected our life to change this much. I never expected our marriage to improve to this extent.

I mean.. I never expected “other aspects” of our marriage to get this good (if you know what I mean).

Her and I truly began feeling like NEW people with a new purpose in life and new freedom to ENJOY our lives and our family to the fullest.   

However, was this the norm, or were we a special case. 
Incredible "Anti Aging" Results Like Ours Were Quickly Spreading Around the World...
Going into this clinical trial I knew that hundreds of other participants were taking part across the world, yet I didn’t know any of them, so it felt like it was just my wife and I.

Now, we had amazing results and our private doctor was stunned, but I was wondering if that was the overall norm. 

Were other people looking and feeling as great as us?  

The more I thought about it the more curious I got. 

And then I remembered something…
Throughout this process I had to call the clinical trial coordinators a few times to ask some basic questions like if we were responsible for reporting the results of if that was purely the doctor.  

We also had initial questions on consumption and what time of day we should consume the activating liquid.

These were all answered with ease and the coordinator always ended by telling us we could join clinical trial private facebook group and ask any questions to the community.

Well, honestly, I have a lot of trouble with Facebook and that statement kind of flew over my head. 

But one night, I remembered this comment and recruited my wife (who is better than me online) to see if she could find the group. 

After one email from the clinical trial coordinators she got the private group link and we logged in to see some incredibly stunning information.

The private group was made up of private trial participants all over the world and they WERE ALL sharing their experiences.

They were even sharing their medical results as they were testing better than they had in years. In fact, many were reversing issues they thought were permanent. 
Now, some changes were more profound than others BUT they were all very positive and as a whole, INCREDIBLY AMAZING.
What struck me was the wide, sweeping range of patients. Male and Female but the age ranges fell over many decades. I saw forty years olds, however I also saw eighty year olds.

All of the participants were happy and full of life passion. They enjoyed sharing photos of their new found experiences now that they felt more youthful and energetic. 

What was really insightful was seeing their past photos and comparing them to their NOW photos. 
They were literally night and day. 

They just looked and acted happier. Their entire life seemed more fulfilling since they could now do things that were beyond their reach previously.

Honestly, they were feeling EXACTLY like my wife and I had. 

I have to say, some of the transformation photos were astounding. As I have said, my wife changed a lot but a handful of people in the group didn’t even look the same.

They literally looked liked decades of age had fallen off of them to reveal a YOUNGER them. I could NOT stop looking at the progress photos, I was astonished. 

That is when I realized, this technology was going to change the world. I was part of something that was going to benefit MILLIONS once released. 

I was beginning to QUICKLY realize why Big Pharma was SO SCARED of this information being released worldwide.

With an innovation as powerful as this, why would anyone take “anti aging” pharmaceuticals again?
This Discovery Should Have Been “Breaking News” On Every TV Station Around The Country.
Why wasn’t this “Aging Discovery” ALL over every news station.
This was the part that I really had trouble understanding…. 
As you will read, SIRT 1 activation has been heavily studied for over 20 years by top medical scientists at MIT. 
Year after year they have been able to tie more and more human benefit to the simple activation of the SIRT 1 “youth gene”. 
This research has an applicable and dramatic effect on humans all over the world.
You would think this would make an incredible TV news and newspaper story all over the world.
Yet, it is treated like a closely guarded secret. 
Most of this information is public domain on medical trial archives… such as PubMed, yet it is never opening discussed in the media.
And, as you know, the one time it WAS discussed, it almost cost Dr. Oz his job.
As I found out, this issue ALL comes down to money.
You see, TV stations generate a majority of their revenue by selling advertising space... and TV’s largest advertisers are Pharmaceutical companies… spending millions each year on TV commercials.
I have learned that Big Pharma applies pressure, effectively controlling news content by threatening to pull their advertising dollars and switch to another station.
This is why you CONSTANTLY see news reports on newly developed drugs but NEVER about natural breakthroughs such as SIRT 1.
This control has kept a life changing, Anti-Aging Secret from you for years.
Big Pharma BRUTALIZED Dr. OZ over Disclosing this PROVEN "Gene" Discovery
Everything you are about to read here started because of Dr. Oz’s appearance on Good Morning America where he shared the late breaking MIT backed information regarding the “youth gene” discovery.

From that moment, he became a massive threat to the bottom line of traditional medicine
There he was, one of the most respected doctors of our time being disrespected and berated on national television by members of congress. 

Most of which hadn’t taken a single medical class in their entire lives.

Worst of all, our laws of the land prevented Dr. Oz from stating the MIT backed, clinical trial information that was medical public knowledge.
He could NOT defend himself with any of this data

It is against the laws in the United States to claim that a naturally occurring product cures, treats for prevents any known disease EVEN IF IT DOES.

Even if the natural ingredient has passed the EXACT SAME tests as the SYNTHETIC ingredient, it can not be mentioned for risk of huge fines or JAIL TIME.

This does not make sense, right? How could this be a law?

Well, it ALL comes down to the money and the power of Big Pharma. The US pharmaceutical market is worth 500 billion dollars.  

Yes, ½ trillion dollars, with a “T” is spent on dangerous drugs every year by American patients.

With that said, copious amount of funding flow into powerful lobbying groups and organizations in exchange for corporate protections.

This is why 100% of the US health laws favor Big Pharma and protecting their monopoly. 

I know this is ALL sick, but it is well documented.

And the result was a highly respected doctor being torn apart like a school child ALL because he was bringing life saving information to the masses.

Information backed by twenty years of MIT research

He was bringing information that had changed my life and the lives of many others all across the world.

One would think he deserves a medal, in reality, he almost lost his career for simply TELLING THE TRUTH about a gene that can add years to countless lives.

This is when it REALLY sank in…

Not only does Big Pharma NOT want to help the general population stay young, THEY want us to age and get sick.
The older and sicker we are, the MORE money they make.
And, if we REALLY DO want to look and feel younger, we are going to pay an ARM and a LEG for their synthetic and dangerous anti aging drugs.

This means that a hard working, middle class man like me is totally screwed as I could never afford those insanely priced treatments. 

However, I do know ONE thing. This research has really shaken up Big Pharma. Mostly likely because it comes from some of the most well respected researchers of our time.

They see this development as a major threat, as they should.  

Once this information hits the mass market, the need for deadly drugs will DRASTICALLY decrease as humans live longer and healthier.
As you will learn, SIRT 1 activation will improve almost ALL aspects of the aging human body, negating the need for dangerous and expensive drugs. 
Think about it, when is the last time you have seen Big Pharma get THIS aggressive over suppressing a natural discovery? 

They are going ALL OUT to ENSURE you don’t read about this and you stay old and sick. 
The Big Pharma True Colors REALLY Showed
As I have said, I have heard rumblings that Big Pharma was corrupt and only cared about shareholder value and making billions and billions of dollars. 

But Wow! This was an incredibly blatant display of absolute greed

In this case, I had personally read the research, seen NEW developments and watched it change lives, but they AGGRESSIVELY shut it down. They ensured it would never get to the general population.

It seemed as though they were more aggressive with this discovery than any other natural discovery I had heard about.

They are literally having professionals hauled in front of congress to “fake discredit” them, publicly.

But why? Why did they have THIS AGGRESSIVE of a reaction?

and THEN it fully hit me…
This “youth gene” discovery is not an isolated discovery, it can and will make humans healthier for a much longer time. Not just look younger, but their body systems will act younger as well…

If this discovery was known worldwide it would begin to affect every pharmaceutical vertical they have, stretching from expensive “youth hormones” all the way to cardiac and brain treatments.  

A healthier population means billions LESS spent on pharmaceuticals.

Honestly, before I found this, they had me right where they wanted me. I could not afford the exotic anti aging treatments (which are pharmaceuticals) but I would eventually have to go on other meds as my body broke down further.

Normally, one med, led to another, led to another. 

I remember my grandparents taking pill after pill out of huge pill cases that were labeled by day. 

This is exactly where they want us and where they become the MOST PROFITABLE. 

If the mass population restored their “youth gene” adding healthy years of lifespan back to their life, they would DELAY the agony of pill ridden older age by many years if not decades.

This would cost Big Pharma Billions in Gross Revenue
Just remember, they don’t have huge buildings, thousands of employees and trillions in market value because they want you to get better…. They want to keep you on their meds FOR LIFE.

In my opinion, this is one of the biggest scams in American history, but they can’t be stopped because they have reached unprecedented levels of power and influence with billions of dollars to shape current policy. 
However, KNOWING this issue is power…. And now YOU know it as well.  

By understanding my body and it’s capabilities I do not have to be imprisoned in their never ending cycle of pills, expense and misery.

This breakthrough is doing more than just REVERSING my age, it is reversing my need for dangerous medications as I age.

My wife and I, plus thousands of others NOW have incredible freedom over our age and health moving into the future. 
Anti-Aging Market to Hit $216,000,000,000 By 2021
So, what is at stake?

Big Pharm has two hundred billion reasons to suppress ANY information regarding “youth gene” activation.

The anti-aging market is on fire domestically and internationally. 

The industry is growing by an average of 8% per year and it is expected to cross two hundred billion annually in a few short years.

To Big Pharma, anti-aging is bigger than many of their other categories combined. Due to this, they fight dominant natural solutions with as much fire power as they can.

“Youth Gene” research threatens of a huge chunk of this $200 billion-dollar goliath of a market size. 

They will do whatever they can to KEEP YOU from finding other solutions. Their stock prices depend on it. 
As Time Went On, I Just Kept Feeling Younger and Younger...
I will be honest, I had a fear that my body would get used to this incredible substance and my results would begin to slip.

That has not happened… in fact, I reach new pinnacles of feeling great on a daily basis. 
Also, I posed this EXACT question to one of the researchers assigned to answer questions inside of the facebook clinical study group and he gave me the following explanation. 

“Gene activators are not something your body builds a tolerance to over time. This is unlike many synthetic medications that often require larger and larger doses to achieve the same effect. 

When a gene is continuously activated (daily) it continues to do its predetermined job day in and day out without any variance in performance. 
In this case, we are successfully activating the SIRT 1 gene which continuously builds and maintains the tissues of the vascular system. 

Humans with activated SIRT 1 will maintain circulation at an optimum level, regardless of age, while others feel a steep performance decline after forty years of age.”

In essence, my results will NEVER decline, as long as I continue to activate my SIRT 1 gene, I will continue to feel the positive anti aging affects as my body delivers nutrients as if I was in my early twenties. 
All of my tissues are nourished, while others are starving and dying… that is the ENTIRE essence of SIRT 1 activation and why it is the most powerful anti aging protocol in the world. 

As far as my wife, she is absolutely stunning. 

I have never seen her THIS excited about how she feels or life in general. I’m not sure how it is possible but her skin continues to get more and more gorgeous. 

Not to mention we are both working out harder than ever and have gotten incredible compliments from friend and family.  
Once that feeling hits you, naturally you want to further the progress by living healthier and working out more. 

The new healthy lifestyle pushes you farther down a path of feeling great while the SIRT 1 continues to work and enhance the effects even further.

It is a beautiful cycle of anti-aging redevelopment that brings new surprises and possibilities on a daily basis. 
I can tell you this, we are NEVER going off, EVER.  

You would have to pry this incredible substance out of our cold, dead hands. We are not going back to how we felt before we learned this beautifully powerful secret.

My initial goal was to simply feel well enough to spend time with my family and attend outings without being exhausted or having to cancel. 

We had NO idea the results we were about to achieve.  

Here they are in a nutshell
  •  Drastically Improved Daily Energy
  •  Improvements in all Vital Health Areas Including Cardiac Health
  •  Improved Skin, Hair and Nails
  •  Improved Mental Clarity and Ability to Problem Solve
  •  Improved Stress Management
Overall, we look, act and feel DECADES younger and every single person around us knows it. 

In fact, I went from hoping I could attend family events to being the DRIVING FORCE, booking new and exciting adventures.

For example, we are all going to zip lining next weekend. That would have been impossible a year ago.

My wife and I are FINALLY enjoying life and we can’t wait to see what the years ahead have in store!

Now, with all of that said, I have stayed prudent, especially as I have divulged my secret to other friends and family. 

Even with my results and initial research i have kept digging. 

Sirtuin Activation has been HEAVILY studied for years with MANY researchers calling upon it as a miracle. 

Here is just SOME of the research I have been able to compile over the last year. Twenty years worth would take up hundreds of pages. 
SIRT 1 “Youth Gene” Activation is Backed By 20 Years of Intense MIT Clinical Research
Even more research is being done as you read this. MIT believes SIRT1 Activation is the Future of Human Age Management
MIT has dedicated an entire medical science department and over twenty years to identifying the human benefits of SIRT 1 Activation.
Dr. Leonard Guarente, has been studying SIRT 1 Activation Since The 1990’s, Consistently Finding numerous Anti-Aging Benefits. 

As you will read, more and more benefits are being researched and found daily.
History of SIRT 1 Research At a Glance:
  •  Dr. Leonard Guarente, A Professor of Biology at MIT first discovered the “anti aging” benefits of Sirtuins in the 1990s. Since then they have tested extensively to validate human benefits.
  •  Sirtuin Proteins have received MUCH attention in recent years for their life-span-boosting potential, and for their link to Polyphenol Activation, which has shown beneficial effects against cancer, heart disease and inflammation in several studies.
  •  As reported in March of 2018, Guarente and his team began focusing on the benefits of SIRT 1 Activation as it relates to entire body vascularity.
Key Results:
  •  Researchers found the presence of SIRT 1 was directly related to the presence of Sirtuin proteins that build the lining of human blood vessels.
  •  Without SIRT1, Sirtuin proteins are non existent and human blood vessels begin to age, breakdown and die.
  •  When SIRT 1 is was reactivated in elderly patients, capillary density was restored and they experienced endurance improvements from 50% to 80%
Summary: The human circulatory system is the “life blood” of our entire body. As we begin to lose the ability to transport blood, all of our tissues and organs become “undernourished” which is a recipe for accelerated aging, organ decline and eventually death.
The Activation of SIRT 1 keeps the human vascular system operating at its prime, directly comparable to someone who is twenty or thirty years old in great health.
“In normal aging, the number of blood vessels goes down as they age and die, so you lose the capacity to deliver nutrients and oxygen to tissues like muscle, and that contributes to age decline,” Dr. Guarente says.
“The idea was to counteract the decline that occurs with normal aging, by reactivating SIRT1, and to restore function in endothelial cells to give rise to more blood vessels.”
Vittorio Sartorelli, chief of the Laboratory of Muscle Stem Cells and Gene Regulation at the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases, who was not involved in the research, described the experiments as “Elegant and Compelling.”
He added that “It will be of interest and of clinical relevance to evaluate the effect of SIRT 1 activation on the vascularization of other organs such as the heart and brain, which are often damaged by acutely or chronically reduced blood flow.”
The Absence of SIRT 1 Renders Exercise Useless In the Aging Human
In a very important follow up test, researchers wanted to test SIRT 1 against another popular way to build vascular function – daily exercise.
The researchers found that SIRT 1 activity in endothelial cells is critical for the beneficial effects of exercise in humans.
Exercise generally stimulates growth of new blood vessels and boosts muscle mass.
However, when the researchers knocked out SIRT1 in endothelial cells of an aging patient, then put them on a four-week treadmill running program, they found that the exercise did NOT produce the same gains seen in normal patient of their age on the same training plan.
Key Result: The body needs SIRT 1 to build new vessels, even if the patient is working out daily. Without SIRT 1, daily exercise is rendered ineffective for the purposes of anti aging
“The findings would suggest that boosting sirtuin levels may help older people retain their muscle mass with exercise”, Guarente says.
Studies in humans have shown that age-related muscle loss can be partially staved off with exercise, especially weight training.
“What this paper would suggest is that you may actually be able to rescue muscle mass in an aging population by this kind of intervention SIRT 1 Activation,” Guarente says.
Sirtuin 1, For Incredible Performance Gains
As you now know, when SIRT 1 is activated, sirtuin proteins flood the body repairing the very important inner fibers of the vascular system, restoring blood flow to optimal levels. 
  •  Most humans will be able to regain over 90% capacity from when they were in their age prime (20 to 30 years old). 
  •  Past all of the copious health and anti-aging benefits, which we have discussed, human performance can be greatly improved.
When SIRT 1 is activated and circulation is restored all of your tissues and muscles begin receiving maximum blood nourishment, meaning they repair and grow like they did years prior. 

Many Sirtuin 1 users have seen DRASTIC increases in their strength and stamina as their muscle systems (including their heart) are more optimized than they have been in years.

People who have lost a lot of strength are REGAINING it daily. They are also overcoming nagging injuries and healing from NEW injuries at a much faster rate.

After using Sirtuin 1, a 60-year-old could theoretically perform the same as a 30-year-old if they were comprised of the same muscle structure.

Many experts have predicted Sirtuin 1 will be added to the list of banned performance enhancers as more research emerges.
The “Youth Gene” and “Anti Aging” Proteins Linked to Memory Improvements and Learning Ability
Now an MIT team led by Professor Li-Huei Tsai has revealed that SIRT 1 stimulated Sirtuins can also Boost Memory and Brainpower — a finding that could lead to new drugs for Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological disorders.

“Sirtuins’ effects on brain function, including learning and memory, represent a new and somewhat surprising role” says Tsai, the Picower Professor of Neuroscience and an investigator of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.
“When you review the literature, sirtuins are always associated with longevity, metabolic pathways, , genome stability, and so on. It has never been shown to play a role in brain synaptic plasticity,” she says.
Synaptic plasticity is the ability of neurons to strengthen or weaken their connections in response to new information, which is critical to learning and memory.
Enhancing plasticity by boosting sirtuin activity could help patients with neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Huntington’s diseases, says Tsai.
History of Research
  •  In 2007, Tsai and her colleagues showed that sirtuins (the proteins produced by SIR or SIRT genes) protect neurons against neurodegeneration caused by disorders such as Alzheimer’s. They also found that sirtuins improved learning and memory, but believed that might be simply a byproduct of the neuron protection.
  •  In the most recent study the team demonstrated that sirtuins enhance “synaptic plasticity” by manipulating tiny snippets of genetic material known as microRNA, which have recently been discovered to play an important role in regulating gene expression.
In studies, when they REMOVED the SIRT 1 gene from activating, the human brain performed poorly. Once reactivated ALL function quickly returned.
“Activation of sirtuins can directly enhance cognitive function,” says Tsai. “This really suggests that SIRT1 is a very good anti aging target, because it can achieve multiple beneficial effects such as optimizing brain function and restoring vascular function”
SIRT 1 Gets CRUCIAL Blood Supply To Your Aging Brain
For many of us, aging brings the constant worry of a deteriorating brain and lost memories.

None of us want to deal with the thought of being overrun with Alzheimer’s or Dementia.

This idea is simply terrifying for anyone over forty years old.

However, did you know that poor and aging circulation is DIRECTLY linked to those fears?  

As you age your circulation becomes compromised and less and less nutrients make it to the brain. 

As this happens, the brain becomes less and less nourished and more and more neurons age and die. At this point your brain is in a very fragile state. 

As this is happening you begin losing more and more brain cells on a daily basis, compromising your brain capacity and becoming WIDE OPEN to the risk of brain disease.

Before long, your brain function is highly diminished, and you begin experiencing more and more frequent “senior moments”.

When your SIRT 1 gene is activated and your vascular system is optimized, nutritious blood begins to fill the starved areas of your brain bringing life back to your neurons.

SIRT 1 activation can reverse years of brain aging by providing increased blood flow to the brain.

By activating SIRT 1, Medical Scientists estimate that your brain can function like a brain that is up to two decades younger simply be restoring optimal blood supply.
The SIRT 1 “Youth Gene” Helps Regulate 
The Human Circadian Rhythm
Human sleeping and waking patterns are largely governed by an internal circadian clock that corresponds closely with the 24-hour cycle of light and darkness.
This circadian clock also controls other body functions, such as metabolism and temperature regulation.
Fact: The Interruption of the human circadian rhythm is directly linked to obesity and a variety of metabolic disorders.

A new study from MIT shows that the SIRT 1 gene, previously shown to protect against diseases of aging...
 Plays a KEY role in Controlling these Circadian Rhythms.
Study Summary: The researchers found that circadian function decays with aging, and that boosting SIRT1 levels in the brain could prevent this decay.
Conversely, loss of SIRT1 function impairs circadian control in all humans, mimicking what happens in normal aging. 
If SIRT 1 is NOT present, the body is unable to regulate its circadian rhythm leading to chronic disease.
“If we could keep SIRT1 as active as possible as we get older, then we’d be able to retard aging in the central clock in the brain, and health benefits would radiate from that,” Dr. Guarente says.
Overall Summary: The human circadian rhythm follows a 24 hour schedule and NEW RESEARCH suggests that a broken rhythm can lead to chronic disease.
“Just about everything that takes place physiologically is really staged along the circadian cycle,” Guarente says.
“What’s now emerging is the idea that maintaining the circadian cycle is quite important in health maintenance, and if it gets broken, there’s a penalty to be paid in health and perhaps in aging.”
Since SIRT 1 activation has been linked to so many age-related benefits, the research team decided to evaluate its effect on the human circadian cycle.

After research they found that the SIRT 1 gene was linked to circadian rhythm regulation. 

Essentially, if SIRT 1 is present the human body is able to maintain a stable circadian rhythm which is very important as we age.
As we age, our ability to control our rhythm normally declines, leading to a variety of health issues.
In fact, our body begins to suffer mini “jet lag” daily, zapping our focus and energy. This fuzzy, lack of energy is how many seniors describe living through their days.
SIRT 1 Provides “Life Saving” Circulation For Your Heart
Better Circulation is DIRECTLY related to optimal heart health.
As SIRT 1 is activated, Sirtuin proteins are IMMEDIATELY released throughout your body restoring your aging circulation system, providing instant relief to your aging heart.
Past all of the OTHER benefits you have read about, you cannot forget about your heart.
Remember, for many of us our heart is a “ticking time bomb” ready to abruptly end our life. 
From high blood pressure, to sudden cardiac failure and massive heart attacks – heart conditions will kill One in Three of us.
The odds are NOT in our favor
And here is a fact that should really hit home…
100% of heart fatalities can be traced back to a failing vascular system that makes the heart work SO hard it FINALLY breaks.
When you restore your circulation, you restore your body’s ability to effortless move blood around your body. This INSTANTLY removes pressure from your heart.
As a major bonus, a normal functioning heart SAVES energy, body wide, for daily activities.
This will allow you to FEEL great while lowering cardiac risk and living YEARS longer.
Many Other SIRT 1 Studies Are Underway All Across Departments at MIT
For the past twenty years, research has been mounting, showing the importance of SIRT 1 activation and the tissue building potential of Sirtuin Proteins.
Incredible research has been achieved but there is much more in the pipeline.
Researchers are currently testing SIRT 1’s ability to boost health in the following areas.
  •  Metabolic Health
  •  Fat Absorption
  •  Prevention of Diabetes
  •  Brain Health
  •  Heart Health
This Wasn’t JUST Anti Aging, This was LIFE CHANGING
I have to admit, when I heard about “anti aging” previously I always thought about TV commercials where women revealed newer and younger looking skin. 

I never really associated anti aging with men and I certainly did not understand the life changing qualities of looking and feeling younger.
For me, this has added QUALITY years to my life. This has given me “family time” I have worked SO many years to enjoy. 

In many ways aging can feel like a prison sentence. You see the outside world having fun but you are unable to participate. 

You are unable because your body is aging and breaking down and NO longer has the energy to be really active.
Your mind wants to be there, but you PHYSICALLY can’t participate.

This is how I was feeling and it was isolating and depressing. But as BAD as aging can feel, reversing AGING can feel JUST AS INCREDIBLE.
Here is what I experienced:
  •  My daily energy restored to the point where I felt decades younger.
  •  I watched my skin tighten all over my body and wrinkles vanish.
  •  I watched my wife’s skin glow like I had not seen it since she was pregnant.
  •  We both started growing fuller hair and nails.
  •  I started to develop better muscle tone and my wife shed body fat.
  •  We both sought out a healthier diet.
  •  We both started working out longer and harder.
  •  We both got into physical shape better than we had been in years.
Now, those are all of the PHYSICAL changes, however our life change has been even more profound. 

When you feel younger and look better you are boosted with limitless confidence that makes you want to get out and explore the world. We are no longer lethargic. We have the energy to take care of our house, go see local sites and spend as much time as we want with your growing family.

Instead of secretly dreading family outings, we are NOW planning them and most of our younger family members are struggling to keep up with us. 

As a huge bonus, our marriage has NEVER been better. We are closer physically and mentally than we have EVER been. 
As a HUGE bonus - our sex life is hot and steamy like it was years ago, but that subject is a whole new letter.
We didn’t just get our youth back we got OUR LIFE BACK and we enjoying every single moment. 

I would always look around and see couples that resemble who we are NOW and I DESPERATELY wanted to know their secret. 

Maybe they didn’t have a secret…

Maybe their body was NATURALLY activating their “youth gene”. I guess we will never know… BUT, Here is what I DO KNOW.

Now that we know how to ACTIVATE SIRT1 and KEEP IT ACTIVATED, we will do so FOREVER. There is NO REASON not to feel AS YOUNG AS POSSIBLE.
(Read This) But It May Already Be Too Late...
Imagine, laying in a hospital bed after being rushed to the emergency room. 

Doctors and nurses scrambling to run tests and take your vitals as they look at you in sheer horror.

At this point, you have no idea what is going on, but you are scared. You just know you don’t feel right and your lack of energy has gotten to a tipping point.

This is ALL of our worst nightmare. We fear this very trip to the ER… and of course we fear “the final diagnosis”.

Whether it’s cancer, chronic diabetes or any number of heart conditions, we are ALL ONE diagnosis from a totally different life.
 Do Not Let the “Life Clock” Run Out. 
The UNKNOWN is the scariest part. 

There is NO reason to ever be in this position. There is NO reason to wait one second longer. 

Today, you can ACTIVATE a single gene that will give you your life back. 

I have lived it myself and I have seen many others flourish.

This letter is YOUR OPPORTUNITY to change your life moving forward, do NOT let it become too late.

Let’s face it, minutes lead to hours, hours lead to days and days lead to years.

If you are NOT careful, you will get to the “point of no return” and that stopwatch will hit “0”.

DO NOT let time run out on your ability to have a better life than you could have dreamt of. 

P.S I know all of this sounds WAY too good to be true, but every word of this letter is based on on my experience and medical clinical science. 

Clinical science that is SO STRONG Big Pharma is going out of their way to keep it under wraps as it could cost them billions.

I was skeptical at first as well, but i trusted in decades of research from our TOP US doctors and I am SO GLAD I did. 

I NEVER imagined that I would feel as good as I do now.
 I had NO idea my body and well being could improve like it did. 
If you would have told me this is how I would have felt, I would have thought you were totally crazy. I never predicted the results, but I am LOVING every day of them.

And here is my final thought. If I can do it, so can YOU. I was not a genetic specimen. 

I didn’t lead a long life of perfect health. By all accounts, I was just your normal man. 

I have done NOTHING that would have made my results any better. 

Past that, all of my new friends who have seen dramatic results were normal as well. 

There is no reason you wouldn’t get the exact same or better results than what I am seeing. 
You DO NOT have to Stay Isolated in your “Prison of Aging”
You can break out and be happier than ever.

If you are really ready to make change… and you are really ready to look and feel younger than ever, read every single world in the section below. 
Today, YOUR life is about to change! 

If that happens, everything you JUST read does NOT apply, it simply won’t work.

Once we are in the midst of battling a life ending, terminal disease, the time has passed.

All of us have an invisible stopwatch counting down, but we have NO idea how much time is left before it strikes “0”
Introducing Sirtuin 1, the FIRST EVER Natural SIRT 1 “Youth Gene” Activator
Now Fully Released In the United States
World Wide Patents Protect Proprietary Ethyl Extraction and the development of amazing formula.
Pharm Origins has taken an incredible “Anti Aging” technology that was formerly reserved for the rich and elite and made it available, WORLDWIDE to patients of all age ranges and demographics.
They have utilized their patented ethyl extraction method to extract and concentrate the purest Polyphenol ever tested in the world. 

It is the ONLY known substance strong enough to immediately activate the release of the “youth gene” SIRT 1. 

Once natural Sirtuin 1 is consumed it IMMEDIATELY absorbed into the human bloodstream and goes to work nourishing the body and activating this crucial “Anti Aging” gene. 
As day after day passes, the average patient begins to feel YOUNGER and HEALTHIER as their vascular system is restored and nutrients are delivered back to their crucial bodily systems, restoring and repairing.
“Youth gene” activation is the most substantial anti aging breakthrough of the last one hundred years and NOW it is available, safely, to the general public. 
This is YOUR chance to FINALLY look and feel years younger as your body virtually repairs itself revealing a more YOUTHFUL you.
US Based Pharm Origins Has Been a World Leader In Natural Product Development Since 2011
All of our Products are Proudly Made in the USA
Pharm Origins is proudly American, located in Atlanta, GA where we conduct all FDA registered product manufacturing and logistics.
We take pride in hiring American workers and doing our part to grow the American economy.

Since 2011 we have taken a very unique approach to natural product development.  
Our Mission is to Create Natural, Safe and Affordable Versions of Powerful Pharmaceuticals Using Natural Extraction Techniques
First, through research we identify the MOST POTENT and EFFECTIVE active ingredients in the world.

Once they are identified we use our proprietary methods to NATURALLY extract these POTENT active compounds from natural sources, rather than synthetic means.

Many times, very popular synthetic ingredients have NATURALLY DERIVED counterparts which are AS EFFECTIVE and much safer for human consumption.

In other words, we strive to develop NATURAL versions of the most popular pharmaceuticals on the market.

With this approach, our customers are able to get incredible “med like” results while avoiding terrible side effects and the INCREDIBLY high costs of Prescription Medication.
This is EXACTLY How we Developed SIRTUIN 1
Born from 20 Years and MILLIONS in MIT Medical Research
Pharm Origins Sirtuin 1 did not happen overnight. It roots can be traced to the initial controversial MIT research that almost got Dr. Oz banned from TV. 
One by one, they realized that SIRT 1 “youth gene” activation was a constant. We ALL contained this gene and it was able to be activated by HIGH LEVELS of potent polyphenols. 

They began documenting case after case of INCREDIBLE transformations ranging from substantial energy increases to skin that got drastically tighter and less wrinkly to diseases that reversed themselves. 
Over 20 Years, as their Research Scientists Keep Finding Results, they Kept EXPANDING their Human Tests, Spanning Many Ages, Health Levels and Lifestyles.
It appeared that it would have a slightly different profound effect on each person that journeyed through the daily activation protocol. 

It was like the gene would find your human weakness and REVERSE it so you felt and looked great. 

This was an important medical discovery and MIT has poured millions and millions more into researching SIRT 1 and finding all of its relevant medical uses.
This research project has cost the department well over $7,000,000 to date.

Pharm Origins worked closely with MIT during their research phases and deployed researchers to analyze the incoming results. 

However, there was one “Unknown” that needed to be rectified. 

During the MIT clinical trials they were able to use a synthetic polyphenol to activate SIRT 1, but this would not be a viable solution for the mass population.

Synthetic polyphenols are VERY expensive and require a prescription in some states.

This is where our team Pharm Origins had our marching orders. 
Our researchers immediately began working on the extraction and formulation of natural polyphenols that would be strong enough to FULLY activate SIRT 1 genes.
Pharm Origins patent pending “ethyl extraction” has the capability of extracting and concentrating the Most powerful, natural polyphenol in the world. 
The Most Potent Polyphenol Source in the World Is Identified...
From start to finish the Sirutin 1 Development Process took close to two full years. 
This includes...
  •  Initial MIT collaboration,
  •  Formulation research and
  •  Final clinical testing
Our team started by identifying the most POTENT and NATURAL source of the purest polyphenol in the world.

One that would have the capacity for “youth gene” activation.
There was only ONE active compound that tested strong enough to activate SIRT 1. That compound was pure Trans-Resveratrol. 
Normal Resveratrol was a well known antioxidant found in grapes, however, Trans - Resveratrol is MUCH more potent AND is able to absorb in the human body up to 4 times faster than Resveratrol. 

The only downfall was, Trans Resveratrol is ONLY available from ONE source in the world and it would involve us importing a specific plant from Japan. 

The Trans Resveratrol active ingredient is the PUREST Polyphenol in the world and fully capable of maximum SIRT 1 activation.

In fact, it tested every bit as strong as the synthetic versions tested by MIT.
All research indicated that Japanese Fallopia Japonica was the SOLE source for Trans Resveratrol, that was pure enough to powerfully extract. 

However, our team needed to confirm via lab testing that it was the strongest trans-resveratrol source in the world. 
This was the entire key to continuous SIRT 1 activation. 

This took MANY months of research and testing however, they finally verified their initial thought and research.
Japanese Fallopia Japonica was laboratory tested as the strongest natural source of pure Trans Resveratrol in the world. 
This incredible plant is found all throughout southeast Japan, however it can be very tricky to excavate and extract. 

Not to mention, Japan has strict vegetation export laws

After eight solid months of working through the excavation science, licensing and labor, the first full batch of Japanese Fallopia Japonica was on its way to the USA.

Once the first batch made it to the US, our scientists re-tested its active ingredient capacity. 
For the second time it was verified as having the highest content of 
Trans - Resveratrol ever registered. 
After this second domestic test our researchers agreed that Japanese Fallopia Japonica was the premier raw source to generate the strongest natural SIRT 1 activating polyphenol ever released in the world.

The next phase of research revolved around creating the purest Polyphenol extraction possible. 

Pharm Origins Ethyl Extraction Extracts PURE and POWERFUL SIRT 1 Activating Trans Resveratrol.
100% Purely Extracted Trans Resveratrol
The Most Potent In The World
Pharm Origins has pioneered and patented the powerful Ethyl Extraction method of active ingredient extraction.  

This allows us to extract active ingredients from natural sources that are every bit as strong as dangerous synthetics.  
Natural ingredient consumption is MUCH safer for the human body and does not come with the laundry list of “drug” side effects.
To date, it is the only method of extraction that is powerful enough to safely extract pure “SIRT 1” activating Trans Resveratrol.

Until now, Japanese Fallopia Japonica based Trans Resveratrol (Polyphenol) was nearly unextractable due to the instability of the raw plant. 

The Japanese Fallopia Japonica plant is VERY fragile and often times the polyphenol active ingredient cannot be extracted purely. 

When this happens it is either “over extracted” which corrupts the active ingredient or it is “under extracted” which means the active ingredient loses its potency and is rendered useless. 

The Patented Ethyl Extraction process uses a proprietary blend of natural ingredient extractors that safely extracts 100% of the active ingredient without ever risking the base nutrient provider - in this case the Japanese Fallopia Japonica plant. 
The net result is a polyphenol extract which is 10 times stronger than any polyphenol ever tested and recorded.
The MOST IMPORTANT part is this polyphenol extraction tested at the same strength and higher than the synthetic polyphenol used in the MIT clinical trials.

Sirtuin 1 is the STRONGEST SIRT 1 Activator ever tested in human clinical trials. 
Every Bottle of Sirtuin 1 is Manufactured Right Here in the United States
Made in the USA is something that is VERY important to Pharm Origins and has been since day one. 

Over the years we have resisted the desire to outsource our manufacturing overseas for two reasons.
          1.  Quality Assurance:  When every aspect of manufacturing is done in our FDA                                 Registered Facility, we can personally GUARANTEE every aspect of production.
          2.  Employing American Workers has been a top priority from our beginning. We                             believe in the strength of America and gladly pay a bit more to ensure our labor                     force stays within our borders.
We believe in Quality American Craftsmanship and every bottle of Sirtuin 1 is manufactured by American workers in our Atlanta FDA Registered Facility.
From the moment our raw ingredients arrive our laboratory workers intake and QA the incoming shipment. 

Once cleared, it moves to our extraction facility to undergo the ethyl extraction process. This semi manual process is performed by some of the top scientists in the country ensuring formula consistency. 

Once extraction is complete the active ingredient concentration is again, lab verified.

Once verified the raw liquid is moved to our bottling and labeling department so they can bottle every batch before entering our “on hand” inventory for immediate shipment.

Every step of this process is handled by our American employees inside of our of Atlanta based facility. 
Sirtuin 1 Effortlessly Activates Your SIRT 1 Youth Gene - Melting Away Age and Supercharging Your Daily Energy.
Sirtuin 1 is your “youth gene” activator. It is made up of the purest and most potent polyphenols ever tested. 
Once consumed, Sirtuin 1 immediately activates your SIRT 1 gene that controls the Sirtuin family of proteins, beginning the “Anti Aging” process.
Now, here is why that is important...

When it comes to biological aging (internally and externally) our MOST important human function is our circulation. 

Our circulation is what nourishes our muscles and tissues including our heart and brain. 

Sirtuin proteins make up the inner tissues that construct our vascular system. Our SIRT 1 “youth gene” is what regulates the production of these very important proteins. 

Only 1% of the human population continues to produce Sirtuins after forty years old. They are considered the genetically gifted amongst us.
This is the same group of humans that seem to defy age.

For the rest of us, our sirtuin production slows and our blood vessels get weaker and weaker with age, making circulation harder and harder.

Over time they provide LESS and LESS essential nutrients to our muscles and tissues and our entire body ages and declines.

This is why we become frail as we age, our muscles and tissues are not able to receive enough nutrition, so they whittle away and die. 

Not to mention your heart has to work harder and harder to pump blood through your aging vessels, which zaps your daily energy.
The harder your heart has to work, the LESS daily energy you have. This is why you have less and less energy each year you age. 

Your circulation and vascular system is where premature aging starts. 

If you can optimize your circulation you can begin to reverse aging and begin feeling and looking AMAZING again. 

This is where Sirtuin 1 comes in…
When you consume Sirtuin 1 you immediately activate your SIRT 1 gene, which mobilizes sirtuin proteins, rebuilding your circulation, regardless of your age.  

These proteins flood your body, rebuilding your aging and damaged blood vessels. As your vessels spark back to life your nutrient proliferation is supercharged and your tissues and muscles begin to thrive once again. 
For many, here is what they experience.
  •  Lost Muscle Tone Returns
  •  Joint Health Drastically Improves
  •  Skin systems Glow as Wrinkles Begin to Fade
  • Nagging Health Issues Fade Away
In fact, topical the typical user reports looking YEARS younger. 

This is equally important for aging men and women.

Most Sirtuin 1 users even report MUCH better mental clarity as their brain become properly nourished. 

The BIGGEST reported change is the incredible boost in daily energy. As stated above, when your circulation is optimal, your heart can work at a normal rate. 

When your heart is not overworked, your body has extra energy to reassign to your daily activities leaving you FEELING AMAZING and full of life.

Think back to when you were decades younger. You were...
  •  Stronger
  •  Full of Daily Energy
  •  Your Skin Was able to HEAL and Fend Off Wrinkles
This was ALL because SIRT 1 was actively producing Sirtuins to feed your vascular function. 

This is EXACTLY why SIRT 1 was dubbed the “youth gene” by MIT.
When SIRT 1 is Activated your Vascular System is Rebuilt, Back to Life and You Look and Feel Decades Younger.
With Sirtuin 1, every user can experience what is feels like to have AGELESS genetics that allow you to look DECADES younger than your natural age. 
The “Youth Gene” is also the “Longevity Gene”
Much of what you have read today is about the immediate “Anti Aging” effects of activating your youth gene. 

Yes, these benefits are substantial, and they are exactly what our aging population is looking for in an “age management” solution.

However, the effects of SIRT 1 activation have SIGNIFICANT effects for your overall longevity.

Having a renewed vascular system that NEVER breaks down means that ALL of your muscles, tissues and vital organs will be properly nourished, for life. 
When your vital organs are properly nourished, their tissues do not deteriorate as you age, they stay vibrant and healthy.
Please realize, most of our diseases surround the fact that our tissues and organs are broken down and vulnerable. 

When these vital functions have IRON CLAD functionality, you will have a dramatically increased life expectancy. 

Most importantly, our biggest killer (the heart) will function properly for DECADES longer than it would WITHOUT SIRT 1 activation.

Essentially, SIRT 1 ensures you have optimal circulation, which ensures every organ and tissue is nourished properly, for the rest of your life. 
With highly optimized organs, you drastically decrease your death risk across multiple spectrums.
On Good Morning America Dr. Oz estimates that SIRT 1 activation can add an average of 30 years to our life expectancy

Not only will Sirtuin 1 improve your current condition dramatically but it will ensure you have ADDITIONAL years of great health with optimized human function. 
So Simple, It ONLY Takes Seconds Per Day To Administer
At Pharm Origins we pride ourselves on simple nutrient delivery that will only take seconds out of your day. 

Sirtuin 1 is no different.

Sirtuin 1 comes with a convenient dropper that allows you quickly withdraw the proper amount of liquid. 

Once drawn out, you simply use the dropper to place the liquid under your tongue where you hold it for up to a minute.

During this time your body will absorb the pure polyphenols through your mucous membranes. After one minute you can simply swallow the remaining liquid.

That is all you do, once, on a daily basis
Sublingual consumption via your Mucous membranes absorb liquid nutrients MUCH faster and since they house copious amounts of capillaries it is a very DIRECT route to your bloodstream. 
Essentially, this sublingual delivery method ensures that potent Sirtuin 1 absorbs into your bloodstream and activates SIRT 1 as quickly as possible. 

All without any pill packs, multiple daily dosing and painful needles. You only need seconds per day to keep your SIRT 1 “youth gene” ACTIVATED and REVERSING your natural age.
Just Imagine A Much More Youthful Life Ahead...
So, what is it like supplementing with Sirtuin 1? Well here is a brief taste of real life “anti aging” benefits. 
  • Your blood flows better so your heart can beat healthier, this means IMMEDIATE extra daily energy (not to mention a healthier heart) 
  •  Increased sub topical blood flow so your skin GLOWS and wrinkles soften or downright disappear.
  •  Increased protein synthesis so your muscles regenerate while your overall strength and stamina is enhanced.
  •  Increased blood to your joints and connective tissues so old injuries can heal faster and you can live with less pain.
  •  Increased blood to your hair follicles so you can preserve your receding hair life.
  •  Increased blood to your vision systems, so you can maintain your eyesight for years to come. 
All of these benefits and your ONLY change will be the addition of Sirtuin 1. However, I would argue that the BEST BENEFITS are the ones not listed here.

When you become MORE youthful and energetic you appreciate life more and begin to enjoy what if offers you on a daily basis.

You will NO longer be too tired to play a round of golf or hang out with your family. You will NO longer turn down sex because you feel lousy. 

You will be operating like you were DECADES younger and if you are like most, YOU WILL WANT MORE.  

Once you start feeling a little better, you will want to feel MUCH better. This will include eating better and exercising more. 

At the end of this beautiful cycle you will LOOK and FEEL decades younger. You will be shocked at your own transformation.  
However there is ONE Negative
We need to be upfront about one thing.  

Sirtuin 1 is a “daily solution” that you will need to use for life. 

If this specific and pure activator is not in your system, SIRT 1 will not stay activated and your results will begin to reverse. 

This is why Sirtuin 1 is a daily use product. 

Science has not found a way to keep SIRT 1 activated without the presence of this amazing “youth gene” activator.

However, here is the the PLUS side.
Your body will never get used to Sirtuin 1, so it will NEVER stop being effective in its ability to activate SIRT 1 - supercharging your anti aging for life.
Additionally, as you will soon read, natural extraction has kept the cost down WELL under ANY leading pharmaceutical based anti aging treatment. 

Now, you can SAFELY, NATURALLY and AFFORDABLY keep your age at bay while you feel better than ever. 
The Unbelievable Stories of ENHANCED Youth and Energy
My Health, Body and Performance have been Incredible!
I had no idea what to expect when I started to take Sirtuin 1. At age 60, my overall health and longevity has become a main focus. I’ve educated myself on ways to support my body and reduce aging. Everything I was doing included a clean diet and supplements, but nothing made a huge difference in my opinion. And then I became a clinical trial participant for Sirtuin 1. Ever since I started taking it, my health, body and performance have been incredible!"
~Lisa C. Austin, TX
I am Looking Younger and I Feel Amazing!
I cannot recommend this Sirtuin 1 enough! Ever since I’ve hit my 70’s, I’ve been trying to slow down my aging process and I FINALLY found something that does wonders in the anti-aging department! Within days of taking Sirtuin 1, my skin began to glow again. My skin hasn’t looked this great in years, and I even feel amazing! I have tons more daily energy. I’m the oldest sibling out of five and NOW everyone believes I’m the youngest! I never thought results like these were possible" 
~Fran J. Nashville, TN
People say "I Look Great for My Age". This is 100% because of Sirtuin 1
I’m currently 76 and people are constantly commenting how great I look for my age. Honestly, I owe it all to Sirtuin 1. Ever since I started, I’ve noticed a big change in my skin and I just overall feel great. I am a lot more active than people two decades younger than me. It’s only dose a day, super easy, and I highly recommend for everyone!
~Fred B. Columbia, SC
My Skin is Soft and Glowing!
As I began to age, I got really down on myself. I felt like my looks just plummeted. Well, I have finally found a solution. I’ve been taking Sirtuin 1 once a day for several months now, and honestly, I LOVE IT! My skin is soft and it’s always glowing! Several of my wrinkles have softened or vanished completely and my hair is getting fuller. I am 65 and I look better than when I was 45. I get constant compliments from strangers! I have never felt better in my life" 
~Clara R. Richmond, VA
The Average “Anti Aging” Treatment Costs $1,000 A Month Or More
These treatments are normally reserved for the Rich and Elite
Honestly, this is probably underestimated when you figure all of the prescription grade treatments that are available from hormones, to skin tightening, to expensive surgeries and facial procedures. 

If you have spent even five minutes researching, you know they cost from hundreds to thousands of dollars. 

In fact, many well known celebrities spend thousands per month to maintain their youth using these pharmaceutical based options.

Could you imagine spending that amount of money every single month?

For most of us, this is simply not an option. 

However, thousands of people stretch their budgets or go into debt to do this EVERY year as they are drawn to the idea of a “quick fix”. 

Past the cost, many of these expensive drugs are VERY dangerous to the human body. Many have not been tested long term and those that have show dangerous hormonal side effects. 

If you really want your eyes opened, look up the most popular Anti Aging drugs and examine their side effects. 

They are simply terrifying

So, not only are they incredibly expensive BUT they can end up killing you if you are not careful. 

In fact, many “anti aging” patients end up on a lineup of other drugs just to combat the side effects that are being induced.

This is happening daily all throughout the world as our aging population chases down the fountain of youth. 

This is amazingly ironic. Many begin with these regiments to look and feel younger and end up on so much medication that they feel sick and run down. 

Not to mention they are setting themselves up for an EARLY DEATH from unexplained heart attacks.

However, that DOES NOT have to be your reality. You have a chance to take an MIT studied natural approach to AGE REVERSAL. 

Imagine your blood vessels and muscles BLOSSOMING back to life as your body once again transports nutrients to EVERY inch of your body. 

Imagine your skin glowing with less wrinkles as you are MORE energetic than ever. 

You have a chance to Reverse Aging Naturally and Safely without taking a single drug. Best of all, it has more age related research than ANY synthetic medication.

AND most importantly

Sirtuin 1 WILL NOT Cost you $1,000 Per Month
“At Home” HGH Activator Kits Are All The Rage and They Are Priced at Over $200 Per Kit
You cannot discuss anti aging without discussing Human Growth Hormone.  

Now actual pharmaceutical HGH injections cost thousands per month. 

However, there has been an explosion of “At Home” HGH pill kits which boost your body’s natural production of Human Growth Hormone.

As a general consumer you see these advertised ALL over the television. However, there is a very important fact I need to bring up.

NONE of these kits have ANY medical grade testing behind them. In fact, most do not have proof they they effectively stimulate human growth hormone.

Yes, HGH has some science, but these products are not HGH, they “stimulate” natural HGH production, which is very hard to prove.
Worst of all, these kits are costing consumers $200 a month or more EVEN THOUGH they are using an UNPROVEN solution.
You have an opportunity to try a CLINICALLY PROVEN Solution backed by years of MIT research. 

One that is SO EFFECTIVE Big Pharma has tried to CENSOR the research from every hitting the general population.

Even stooping to trying to ruin the credibility of a top US Doctor who believes in natural solutions. 

Best of all...
Sirtuin 1 WILL NOT Cost You $200 Per Month
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When you begin using Sirtuin 1 everyone around you will notice as energy floods your system and you look, feel and act younger than you have in years.

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Not to mention you will look better than ever as age seemingly melts off your skin

Every single one of your friends will want to know your secret as you walk around with new found confidence and swagger.

Frankly, every aging human over forty needs “youth gene” activation. It is the ONLY known way to fight off aging for life. 

This is your chance to get ahead and become the “genetic specimen” that everyone admires and strives to be.

You know about this INCREDIBLE SECRET before anyone else in the world.

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However, Please Keep Reading...
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The MSRP for other clinically proven anti aging methods can range from hundreds to thousands per month.
1. Sirtuin 1 is the ONLY sublingual “youth gene activator” backed by 20 years of TOP NOTCH MIT Research.

2. Every single bottle manufactured and tested for quality assurance in our USA facility, under GMP Practices- the gold standard in manufacturing.

Remember, Sirtuin 1 Tested MORE effective than other dangerous age management options that cost 10X as much. 

3. Sirtuin 1 Inventory is ALWAYS LIMITED due to the availability of Japanese Fallopia Japonica 

These factors would normally drive the price UP, but we have chosen to keep it as affordable as possible so millions can eventually get these incredible effects.

You have to answer this question…
Our goal has been to make this NATURAL AGE BREAKTHROUGH available to every single person, regardless of income less.

Powerful Anti Aging is NO LONGER just for the rich, it is for every man and woman who wants to look and feel younger.

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As you have read, you are NOT alone. Millions of suffering from premature aging, without ANY hope in sight.
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This incredible special pricing ONLY LASTS FOR 24 HOURS. As soon as the clock runs out, pricing will revert back to normal. At this point, we can offer no exceptions, I'm sorry! It would not be fair to the other customers who purchased during the allotted time. 

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You DESERVE to be a genetic marvel.

We have WORKED hard to control the cost of Sirtuin 1 with the goal of helping 1,000,000 patients in the next year overcome Premature Aging 

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When you order today, you will receive a US Military Developed Anti-Radiation silicone insert that is laboratory proven to instantly neutralize Positive Ion Radiation, keeping you safe.

These inserts use patented portable negative ionization and FAR Infrared technologies.

They quickly and easily fit on any phone or inside any cell phone case and provide INSTANT protection against EMF Radiation.

Best of all, they reduce device heat which will help extend your battery life as your phone ages.

*This data is based on an $25 million dollar National Institute of Health Clinical Study that directly linked electronic device radiation to the increased risk of various brain cancers.

Study Reference

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You REALLY and TRULY are exclusive if you are on this web page. This purely extracted “youth gene activator” is NOT available in ANY store or on ANY other website. 

Why? Sirtuin 1 is only possible because of Pharm Origins’ patented Ethyl Extraction technology that is able to deliver the STRONGEST polyphenol in the world directly from Japanese Fallopia Japonica.
Remember Sirtuin 1 is backed by 20 YEARS of MIT research coupled with 24 solid months of Pharm Origins development.
After all of that YOU have the exclusive chance to get an “Anti Aging” head start, before the rest of the world. 

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When that time comes, you will have to decide if you are going to spill the beans. But, here is what I KNOW for CERTAIN.

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You Have NOTHING to Lose
The Performance of Sirtuin 1 is FULLY Backed By A “No Questions” 
90 Day Guarantee
We FULLY and gladly stand behind the performance of Sirtuin 1. We have personally seen it change lives.
My risk managers hate when I lay out this guarantee, BUT I want to ensure you a 100% comfortable purchasing Sirtuin 1 right away.

First of all, let me be crystal clear.

I am totally certain that Sirtuin 1 is going to allow you to feel BETTER than you have in years as age literally melts age off of your body. 

With this type of performance increase, you will have the confidence and swagger of someone MUCH younger. 

You will NOT want to return, 

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The Guarantee is THAT simple. And believe it or not, our guarantee covers the ENTIRE first 90 days of your purchase. That will give you MORE than ample time to try out Sirtuin 1 and feel its awesome effects. 

We want to ensure you like how you feel and that you can CONFIRM it is making the noticeable difference that patients are reporting around the world. 

Why offer such a great guarantee at my own risk?

Because I want YOU to feel comfortable...

Our Statistics say you WILL NOT send it back. In fact, our stats say you will want to know how to order more for less.
Once you’ve tried Sirtuin 1 and you begin to feel years younger with increased energy, glowing skin and BOOSTED confidence, you will be rushing back to order more.
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Our Current Supply is Very Limited, Once They are Gone, They are Gone.
There are NO two ways around it, this is a very limited offer that will most likely sell out very quickly.

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If you don't reserve a bottle now, you may have to wait until more of this amazing youth gene activator is extracted and bottled.

Please remember, this amazing active ingredient is ONLY found in one are of Japan, NO OTHER supply yields enough for the “gene activation” required potency.
Don’t Let Someone Else Take Your Supply, Production is Very Limited
The ONLY downfall to such a RARE and POWERFUL active ingredient is its yearly production availability. 

There is no Sirtuin 1 without pure Japanese Fallopia Japonica from specific areas of Japan which yield higher potency levels of Trans - Resveratrol. 

What does this mean? This means Sirtuin 1 will always be a relatively RARE and POWERFUL formulation with the possibility of yearly supply outages.
Do not read this far and MISS OUT because someone else took your supply. Once they are gone, the new supply is NOT ALWAYS guaranteed to be immediately available. 
Imagine others around you LOOKING and FEELING years younger while you are STUCK in the same condition as you are now.

The days of waiting will become very painful. 

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Look around you, you may ACTUALLY see others in front of you right now who desperately need relief from aging. 

Much of our aging population desperately needs a way to stop and even REVERSE the effects of premature aging.

Due to our lifestyles and overall environment many of us feel MUCH older than we should.  

Like I said, there may not be enough bottles to go around for every single person reading this page. 
So please ONLY order if you’re deadly serious about reversing your age and living a full life with your family.
It wouldn’t be fair to others if you order multiple bottles and never do anything with the product.

That would be a huge waste

During our clinical trials we had people calling and begging for a continued supply - they really really need this.

Are we clear? If so, GREAT! because I have some exciting news.

This is the EASIEST way in the WORLD to feel YEARS Younger
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So, let’s summarize one more time...
  •  Sirtuin 1 is the FIRST ever natural “Youth Gene Activator” available to the public
  •  Sirtuin 1 will immediately absorb into your bloodstream and begin activating your “youth gene” SIRT 1. When activated, your circulatory system will systematically restore itself as tissues rebuild and your ENTIRE body will receive more nourishment than ever.
As your vascular system fires back to life you will LOOK and FEEL stronger and MUCH more energetic as your heart will no longer be taxed by poor circulation.

Sirtuin 1 is YOUR KEY to looking and FEELING years younger.
But you MUST Remember - Only So Many Bottles Can Be Produced Per Year
{Do not let Someone else Steal your Anti Aging Advantage}
Let’s face it, you are on a path to FEELING incredible once again. In many ways Sirtuin 1 will become your “secret sauce” to a longer and happier life. Do not let someone else rip that dream from you, before it even starts.

How could that happen?

There are others ordering Sirtuin 1 right now and I must reiterate, we have a limited batch quantity. Our next production date is NOT set in stone and it will be determined by the export availability of Japanese Fallopia japonica.

So if it sells out, we may not be able to give you an “availability date” on when it will come back into stock. 

Remember, Sirtuin 1 is INCREDIBLY unique and powerful

You aren’t going to find anything like Sirtuin 1 anywhere. A youth gene activator has NEVER been released until now. 

Sirtuin 1 is completed new the world - This is the ONE product that may change the face of natural anti aging forever. 

Have you purchased “Store Bought” Anti Aging Solutions? 

How did they work for you?

I thought so, if they worked well you wouldn’t have read this far!

Sirtuin 1 is Powerful and Unique

Sirtuin 1 can be taken in seconds per day and it almost instantly dissolves into the bloodstream. As this happens your “youth gene” SIRT 1 is activated back to life and goes to work releasing Sirtuin proteins all throughout your body. 

These proteins IMMEDIATELY begin restoring your vascular system back to a much more youthful and healthy state.

And when your blood flows, EVERYTHING changes for the better...
  •  Your muscles and tissues start receiving more blood so they are nourished and healthy. This leads to less pain and better muscle tone.
  •  Your skin glows with nourishment as you begin to look younger by the day.
  •  Your hair and nails begin to grow again, faster than ever
  •  Injuries heal faster as your “repairing” blood is able to work at an accelerated rate.
  •  Your brain and heart function optimally as they are ONCE AGAIN nourished with Blood.
  •  Years of small health concerns vanish
And, we have heard the SEX LIVES are drastically better, but this just a rumor at this point. 

Remember, this is VERY TIME SENSITIVE (Ends At Midnight)
As you are reading this MORE and MORE units of Sirtuin 1 are being sold. 
At midnight, this special pricing disappears, but THEY MAY sell out before that. 

Once these initial units sell out, they are gone for now

If they sell out, there is nothing we can do. We DO NOT have a backup supply. This is all we have produced to date.

Plus, it would not be fair to those that ordered during the proper time frame. 

As you can imagine, there is a ton of excitement over Sirtuin 1 and units are flying off the shelves. 

They may already be sold out - Check inventory here
Alert: Sirtuin 1 may already be close to selling out
This is the world wide release. Over 200,000 current customers have been invited to THIS page so world will spread really really fast.

Just imagine those who want to LOOK and FEEL younger, most likely everyone. 

Do not wait, claim your unit now. We do not know how fast word will spread and we do not know how long our supply will last. 

My gut tells me they will sell out VERY, VERY Quickly
When They Are Gone, They Could Be Gone For A Entire Year
So, Right Now You Have Two Options As I See It
In our worst case scenario Japanese Fallopia Japonica may be unharvestable for up to a year, which would mean a long “production gap”.

Could you imagine suffering for the next year?
Option 1…
You can aging and suffering as you feel older and older. Additionally, you will keep wasting money on Store Bought “Anti Aging” nutrients without any results for science.
Option 2…
(If Sirtuin 1 is Still In Stock)

You can reserve your own bottle of Sirtuin 1 and begin activating your “youth gene” right away.

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1. You’re serious about aggressively taking your life back and feeling and looking better than you have in years.

2. You KNOW that you’re looking for something that finally has some real science behind it - because you are sick and tired of remedies that do not work or pharmaceuticals that will most likely kill you down the road.      #next-url#
You understand how powerful Sirtuin 1 is when it comes to activating your youth gene and reversing age 

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Your credit card information is completely safe and your information is kept private. We’ve taken the necessary steps to make sure the checkout process as simple and even more safe than using your card at your favorite restaurant.
Your order will show up on your doorstep quickly, so you can begin experiencing the youthful life you have prayed for. 

Those who wait, will pay DRAMATICALLY more (if they are even still available)

Remember, you can try Sirtuin 1 with NO RISK to you!

Please remember this entire purchase is protected by our 90 Day NO RISK guarantee. There is NO reason in the world not to try this amazing formula.

AND if it doesn’t work for you, you can get 100% of your money back. 

Yes, this is REALLY as simple as that. You have NO RISK

No have nothing to lose and a BRAND NEW youthful life to gain!
  •  FREE WORLDWIDE Shipping ($12 Value)
  •  FREE Cellular Radiation Protection Device ($100 Value)
Please Be Advised: If The Next Page Doesn't Load the Discounted Units Are SOLD OUT At This Time
Today, You Receive $352 in Value For ONLY $67
Do You Need Additional Assistance?
Call Toll Free:  1 (888) 964 - 5327
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Can you Imagine Feeling Decades Younger?
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Just imagine how it’s going to feel once your package arrives and you begin using the powerful Sirtuin 1. 

Once again feeling like you are years younger as you conquer your day and family activities 

You’ll be able to experience having a normal and healthy life like when you were decades younger without having to miss another family event.
You’ll have more drive, life passion and well-being AND your confidence will be through the roof as people look at you in admiration.
They will want to know how you are defying age.

Plus, your energy levels will skyrocket and your relationships will once again flourish as you become more active and social. 

DO NOT Believe Anyone Who Says You Are Past Your Prime, You are not. Your Prime is JUST Beginning. 

Just because conventional wisdom might say you’re past your prime, doesn’t mean you have to lay down and die. 

You do not have to let age get the best of you. You can beat age at its own game. 

You can still have an active, amazing and fun life well into your elder years. All without being locked into the world of prescription pain relievers.

And when you can live life like you did when you were 10-20 years younger, you truly will feel like a genetic specimen… full of confidence and excitement.

It’s entirely possible and achievable. 

Just imagine how much more fun you’re going to have with with your new life and enhanced daily energy.

Plus, imagine how great if will feel to LOOK younger than ever. 

The good news is with Sirtuin 1, all of this is possible.

Feeling better than you have in years is NOT out of the question. 

This single formula can give you ALL OF THIS back, simply by activating your “youth gene”

This is not a pipe dream. This is science backed by MIT.

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  •  FREE Cellular Radiation Protection Device ($100 Value)
Please Be Advised: If The Next Page Doesn't Load the Discounted Units Are SOLD OUT At This Time
Today, You Receive $352 in Value For ONLY $67
Let’s Summarize ONE Last Time
Sirtuin 1 is the first ever youth gene (SIRT 1) activator, based on years of MIT Science. When activated SIRT 1 releases sirtuin proteins that repair and rebuild your vascular system allowing for full body nourishment.
  •  1 Bottle of Sirtuin 1 ($120 Value)
  •  FREE Bottle of Sirtuin 1 ($120 Value)
  •  FREE Fusion IONZ Medical Device ($100 Value)
  •  FREE Expedited Shipping ($12)
Enhanced and Restored Circulation is the KEY to a YOUNGER YOU
  •  Your muscles and tissues start receiving more blood so they are nourished and healthy. This leads to less pain and better muscle tone.
  •  Your skin glows with nourishment as you begin to look younger by the day.
  •  Your hair and nails begin to grow again, faster than ever.
  •  Injuries heal faster as your “repairing” blood is able to work at an accelerated rate.
  •  Your brain and heart function optimally as they are ONCE AGAIN nourished with Blood.
  •  Years of small health concerns vanish
Sure, there are many other products that temporarily boost circulation, but NONE fully RESTORE your aging vascular system. 

Remember, this is a “This Page Only” Very Limited Offer

These initial units could sell out at ANY moment 
  •  FREE WORLDWIDE Shipping ($12 Value)
  •  FREE Cellular Radiation Protection Device ($100 Value)
Please Be Advised: If The Next Page Doesn't Load the Discounted Units Are SOLD OUT At This Time
Today, You Receive $352 in Value For ONLY $67
Do You Need Additional Assistance?
Call Toll Free:  1 (888) 964 - 5327
We have LIVE phone reps standing by from 9am to 5pm EST (Monday thru Friday).
All statements on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These products are not intended to prevent, cure, treat or diagnose any disease.

Individual results may vary depending on your diet, health and physical condition. Results shown are not typical and you may not get the same benefits. However, by taking the supplement and living a healthy lifestyle with proper diet and moderate exercise, you give yourself the best chance at staying healthy and fighting off premature aging and other illnesses.

Research indicates that this product/ingredient may provide a health benefit. When the body is provided with healthy vitamins, minerals and enzymes, it is better equipped to keep you healthy. Individual results will vary and you should always consult with your doctor or health professional when taking any supplement or starting any health program.

Testimonial Disclaimer: Individual results may vary depending on your diet, health and physical condition. Results shown are not typical and you may not get the same benefits. However, by taking the supplement and living a healthy lifestyle with proper diet and moderate exercise, you give yourself the best chance at staying healthy and fighting off premature aging and other illnesses.